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April 2022 Meeting Report

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THE Home Hill Chamber of Commerce hosted a positive meeting in April with a view to finding ways to take Home Hill forward and to add new life to the town’s Central Business District.

Numbers attending could possibly be described as disappointing, mainly because of the absence of many of the business owners and operators from the CBD who would benefit most from such a meeting and the ideas that would come from it.

However, as with the regular monthly meetings of the Chamber, no matter when meeting times are set, there would be difficulties for some to attend—especially in a town like Home Hill where businesses have owner/operators who are still opening and/or closing their shops at the time of early morning or early evening meeting times.

As it was, those in attendance comprised many who normally attend the chamber meetings, as well as some non-members and even former Home Hill business operators who have moved to Ayr, but still have a passion for the future of Home Hill.

Some comments provided little hope for major work to be carried out in the town, such as improvements to the highway and the deep gutters, while concerns were also raised about the presence of bats and lack of continuing action, the effects of the many pigeons making a nuisance of themselves on buildings and footpaths, reasons behind businesses leaving town and the effects of council regulations.

The Chamber plans to continue working towards having something done by all levels of government to make our town something to be proud of, especially with the number of visitors who come to town each year to make use of the popular Comfort Stop.