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Dale says – Home Hill still has its place

Dale Last MP Member for Burdekin

AT THE heart of every business district is a likeminded group of people who continuously work to not only advocate for the businesses that rely on them but support the towns that back our small and family businesses.

Despite the diverse environments that our businesses now operate in, Chambers of Commerce continue to play an incredibly important role in shaping towns like Home Hill.

While the days of every business that operates in a district having a shop front in the main CBD may be slowly changing, our CBD’s still have a place in the heart of towns, and everyone has a role in keeping that heart beating.

It may not mean that our towns look the same way they did in years gone by, but it’s important that all stakeholders work together to ensure that new businesses, that are looking at investing in our town, are able to see the best the town has to offer from the very beginning.