Home Hill News

Raise issues requiring action with Council

WHEN the ‘Home Hill News’ was instigated over five years ago, its main purpose was to provide news about the Home Hill community and its people, mainly because most sections of the media were totally ignoring the fact that this community actually exists—and that is still happening.

We have produced a news publication that highlights major activities around our town and region and have tried to be positive about what is newsworthy, while also standing up for the town and those needs that are being ignored by many in authority.

We received a suggestion from the council that our readers and guest contributors should contact council’s friendly Customer Service Centre process for feedback to be provided or action to be taken.

It was then pointed out that “Council will not respond to published opinions and rhetorical questions that have not been raised with Council”.

Our readers can do what they like, but as a newspaper providing local news, it is not our intention (nor do we have the time) to be phoning the council with every piece of information in our stories, so the council can place it on its records and hopefully do something about it.

However, it certainly could be seen as an indictment on the council if they knew about problem areas in our town and did not act on them, just because it had been recorded in the Home Hill News.

We are aware of comments from some at the council that they “don’t read that rag” – Hopefully they have more interest in the south side of the Burdekin being part of the overall Shire and making beneficial improvements than that type of attitude.