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Sweet Days Hot Nights Festival split over two years

FOLLOWING our comments in the April edition of the Home Hill News on the Sweet Days, Hot Nights Festival, the Council has clarified the fact that there will not be a fire as part of this year’s ‘Feast by the Field’.

The Australian Hand Cane Cutting Championships will not be held in 2022, following the decision to move to a two- year program, which will feature headline events such as the Burdekin Cultural Fair with the First Fire and Australian Hand Cane Cutting Championships in 2023.

Associated events such as a Farming in Focus Forum and the Feast by the Field will take place on May 27, 2022.

The decision to shift to a two-year event means Home Hill loses a popular event this year with the annual fire many visitors from southern areas look forward to.

We were asked if the crop would still be burnt and harvested this year so that it can be ratooned for next year?

If that could be the case, why not fire it up for our many visitors to see this year?