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Fantastic Feast by the Field

Fantastic Feast by the Field

THE Burdekin Shire Council’s first “Feast by the Field” has been described as a “fantastic addition to the Sweet Days, Hot Night’s Festival’s two-year program” for the 150 people who were prepared to pay the $125 per head fee that was put on the event to treat guests to “the best of the Burdekin’s people, produce and culture”. At that price, it certainly would be hoped that it was a success, but it is hard to compare that crowd to the previous year’s events when large numbers were present for the more casual food and entertainment available ahead of the cane firing that many of our tourists looked forward to. 

With large numbers of visitors in town at this time of the year— both at the Comfort Stop and at a well-supported Showgrounds camping area, there certainly would have been a lot more people willing to attend an event that included the cane firing of previous years. 

Our photo above taken early on the Friday shows the area for the feast beside a healthy field of cane and even if it was not ready now, it could still provide a pleasing fire to visitors who have never seen one in person. At a time when the Home Hill Chamber of Commerce is trying to encourage use and support of local businesses and to keep as much business as possible in the town, it is disappointing to see our council supporting a Townsville catering firm for one of our major events. 

Home Hill, in fact the entire district, does have capable caterers who could provide such a feast of the Burdekin’s products. One pleasing aspect reported by the council was the use of “high school hospitality students” to gain experience at the event. Maybe some of the Home Hill High School’s agricultural course products may have even been on the menu?