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Politicians skip Home Hill

IT WAS disappointing to see that, during the elections, visiting politicians again dumped Home Hill like an oily rag. With the Deputy Prime Minister in Ayr for an announcement of more millions for Ayr and then travelling to Bowen (through Home Hill we suppose) to make an announcement about the Bowen Water Pipeline. This will help Bowen and its regions in the long term – but prior to that, it will have major benefits for, and effects on, Home Hill in its construction stage.

It is believed that major concerns by present and past local councillors have been about the route through Home Hill – but no thoughts from the visiting politicians on how they can assist our town to move forward because we were again ignored. 

And that is at a time when the Home Hill Chamber of Commerce is working hard to try to improve the town’s standards with limited assistance from any level of government. 

Home Hill badly needs an industrial estate in the area, but it seems to be out of sight and out of mind to those with any authority at all, and with the initial pipeline works to start in Home Hill, what would have been wrong with the politicians stopping in the town to make comments on both projects – even if they could not find a cent for Home Hill? 

It looks like another three years before the town can attract any interest at all in any project – except for the state election when it comes around in 2024.