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Rising Rates must be Rebutted

NOT happy times ahead with Council’s budget time, but we are lucky, as we live in one of the wealthiest shires in Queensland. 

I realise a lot of this money is held for contingency funds, but keeping all this in mind, should or could council do the right thing by having minor increases in water, sewerage and rubbish and in particular burial charges? 

Inflation is at an all-time high, don’t add to it with over-inflated rate increases. 

Also, now is the time to extend the pensioner’s rebate across all pensioners and showing a good face to help ease the burden on the ever-increasing cost of living. 

This is where bold councillors have a crack and stand up and voice public opinion, even to the point of fighting a losing battle—but you will be remembered for your effort. Have a look at the rates with a thought for the people who support the council, keeping in mind we don’t have to be the richest shire in Queensland. 

Lower income earning shires also survive. Tighten the belt by two notches and yes, we might even attract more people to live in a more affordable shire. Lucky there is a good farmer base to pay a large part of the rates. 

Reading in the Burdekin Local (May 19, 2022) Council works updates, I sadly noticed seven jobs on the north side and two jobs on the south side and it does not get any better in upcoming works. 

These are my views. To contact me, phone (mobile) 0439 822 064 or go to www.uliliessmann.com.au .