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Burdekin Region Mills

Burdekin Region Mills 2

Invicta and Inkerman mills both commenced crushing on Tuesday, June 14. Crushing was delayed at Kalamia and Pioneer mills due to recent wet weather. 

After working through some early commissioning issues, Invicta and Inkerman were beginning to crush consistently by the end of the week, with the focus now on increasing crush rates. 

The weekly throughput was just over 120,000 tonnes of cane which was above our budget for the two mills for week one. 

The average weekly CCS was 12.44, which was slightly below budget. The highest CCS sample was 16.3 from rakes of Q240 and Q183 Plant cane in the Mulgrave productivity zone (Invicta). 

Burdekin residents and visitors to the region are urged to take care around cane rail crossings and to use their train brains. 

Kalamia and Pioneer mills both started crushing on Monday, June 20. Invicta Mill has settled down and recorded the highest weekly throughput on record for week two of a season. 

Inkerman Mill is still experiencing some commissioning issues with the newly installed B-side feeding station. Kalamia and Pioneer had reasonable starts and are going through the normal commissioning phase. 

The total weekly throughput for the Burdekin mills was just over 360,000 tonnes of cane which was above budget for week two. The aver- age weekly CCS was 12.78, which is still trending slightly below budget. 

The highest CCS sample was 16.7 from a rake of Q240 1st Ratoon in the Stockham Rd productivity zone (Invicta). 

With school holidays under way, parents and carers are urged to remind children of the dangers associated with cane trains. 

Children should keep well away from the cane rail network and never play on or around cane bins. 

John Tait, Cane Supply Manager, Burdekin Region