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Roaming Dogs create Havoc

ROAMING dogs have created havoc for an elderly Home Hill couple, as the animals killed the majority of their poultry housed in several pens in their residential property in Seventeenth Street recently. 

Mrs Bev Woods reported the damage caused to the hens and chickens owned by her and her husband, Ernie, after three dogs were heard at about 5am on Monday, June 13. 

She believed the alleged culprits, which were not big and one of which was black, had come through from houses situated in the area at the back of their property. 

She estimated that they had lost about 20 birds in the attack, although some had been eaten by the culprit animals. 

That included five adult birds that were in a large cane bin that had been converted into a solid cage for the birds. 

“We have always had trouble with dogs,” Mrs Woods said, although they did not normally see the animals roaming around their area. 

Dead birds were lying around the back area of their yard, while a hen and three chickens were seen to be still alive in one of the pens. 

Local residents have been urged to ensure their pets are restrained or in a fenced yard to en- sure incidents like this one do not occur throughout the community.