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Dale says – Burdekin’s Jobs Galore needs State Government Support

Dale Last MP Member for Burdekin

While we are so close to seeing more patients able to use dialysis services in Home Hill, the recruitment for additional renal nursing staff at Home Hill Hospital is still ongoing. 

Having these facilities in a small town are invaluable, not only for current patients but any future patients needing dialysis treatment.

It’s a frustrating circumstance within our regional hospitals and major industries, where we have access to facilities and services in our small towns that aren’t being used to their capacity because we are unable to attract trained staff to the bush.

What is even more frustrating is that right here in Home Hill we have a TAFE facility that is being underutilised while those who could potentially fill skilled worker shortages have to drive down the road for training.

Currently the unemployment rate in the Burdekin is less than the State so it is not a case of not being able to find a job, it’s a case of being able to provide the training and the skills development in the same town where people could be employed.