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The Dreaded Highway Stretch

IT WAS not that long ago that it was suggested that the worst section of the Bruce Highway was between Home Hill and Mackay and any motorists who have travelled the route in the past year would not disagree. 

With a growing road toll in Queens- land from traffic accidents, state and federal governments have made announcements about spending millions of dollars being pumped into the Bruce Highway in the next 12 months to make one of the most dangerous stretches of the road a little safer—$30 million to be spent on eight projects between Ayr and Ingham. 

While $30 million does not seem enough for one project, let alone eight, why isn’t there more being spent on that section that was previously suggested to be the worst on the Bruce Highway? 

Admittedly, there has been many millions spent on the Home Hill to Mackay section in the past year in widening projects and installing passing lanes and at much more than the recently announced $30 million—but that would be because of the time taken to finish the projects after the company undertaking the project ended up with financial problems and a new firm had to be found to finish the job. 

Maybe if the state stopped spending multi-billions on major projects in the south-east corner of the state and on an unnecessary Olympic games in 10 years time, there may be more for highway improvements now.