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Dale’s Parliament Update

Dale Last MP Member for Burdekin

Normal sittings of Parliament returned for the first time in August since the budget and estimates process was completed.

Obviously, the impact youth crime is continuing to have on multiple Queensland communities was front and centre and unfortunately, it is becoming clear from recent incidents that even our small towns are not immune.

This week, a Bill to increase the age of criminal responsibility was, thankfully, defeated in Parliament. 

The Bill was put forward by the Greens and would have seen the minimum age that a

child can be prosecuted for crime raised from 10 years old to 14 years old.

No-one wants to see juveniles in detention, but we simply cannot ignore the fact that today, there are people who will wake up to find their house has been broken into or their car stolen by juvenile offenders. 

We cannot ignore the fact that many of these young offenders, despite the claims of the Greens, know the law better than most.