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Annual Community Christmas Carols

Home Hill Community Christmas Carols 2022

BURDEKIN Shire Christmas celebrations will come to Home Hill again this year, as the annual Community Christmas Carols will be conducted at the Home Hill High School grounds on Sunday, December 11. 

The Carols is one event that is alternated each year between Ayr and Home Hill. The last time they were held at the High School, it was deemed to be a great success. 

It is a shame the Council cannot apply the same decision making to other events, with their normal policy being for the majority of events to be held on the north side of the river.

Back on Sunday, October 9, the Council and NQ Dry Tropics invited “everyone” to join in a Great Barrier Reef Clean-up at Lynch’s Beach at Alva—a clean-up that seems to happen regularly at Alva, where they do have the advantage of having the Ayr Lifesavers based.

Surely that part of the Shire Coast is not the only place contributing to the rubbish that makes its way to the Great Barrier Reef. 

Similarly, we would hope that all Seniors in the Burdekin were given the opportunity to attend Seniors Month celebrations—considering the lack of public transport in this shire—with an Expo and Luncheon once again held in Ayr at the end of October. 

With the event also being hosted by Regis Care, who operate the homes in both towns, no doubt they ensured that their Home Hill residents were able to find the necessary transport. 

But what about other residents of Home Hill who do not have transport available to attend such functions just like other generations wanting to access facilities in Ayr, such as the new water park. 

Maybe next year, they could even consider hosting the event in Home Hill where the facilities are just as good.