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Thoughts on the Home Hill Swimming Pool

Home Hill Swimming Pool

At the start of the 2000’s, it was suggested in council at the time that changes to the two main swimming pools in the Shire involve the alteration of the length of the Home Hill pool from 55 yards to 50 metres, to make records legal for competing swimmers, while the Ayr pool be reduced to 25 metres. 

A lot has happened since then within the pools but nothing with regard to changing the lengths—meaning it came as a surprise when all of a sudden, there were suggestions for the Home Hill pool to be reduced to 25 metres. 

To the layman, it would seem that reducing the Home Hill pool by .3 of a metre to make it a legal 50 metres would be a lot cheaper than reducing it to 25 metres. 

The council did not seem to have too much trouble finding a couple of million dollars for the water park in Ayr, so finding what would be needed to upgrade and improve the current pool while reducing it to 50 metres would seem reasonably easy?