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We all need a Voice

HERE is a thought—we have all heard and read about First Nation Peoples wanting a voice in parliament and I can go along with this. 

Now myself and many others would like to invest and have a ‘voice’ as well, in Local or State Government, partnering with councillors to reduce spending on unnecessary services, which are not vital to either the present economy or relevant at this time. 

To help and increase operational efficiency is necessary with accountability. 

Typical examples among many other issues—white line marking on country roads (this is a safety issue), feral cats and, of course, the flying fox problem. Not once have I had a response either verbally or in writing either to myself or to the Home Hill Chamber—neither negative nor positive, just a blank stare of nothing. Should the people’s voice ever come about and I think it should, this could put a whole new spin on all tiers of government in years to come. 

This new legislation needs to happen and needs to encompass all people. 

For people with a ‘can-do’ mindset to solve customers’ and ratepayers’ concerns and problems, as might be of concern to local Government. 

And why do we not play the National Anthem, our heritage, along with welcome to country? They should go hand in hand for all people at all times.