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A Visitor’s Opinions on Our Magnificent Mt Inkerman

Mount Inkerman Lookout Path Entrance

A REGULAR Visitor to Home Hill has expressed disappointment about the lack of promotion of and access to the walking track up Mount Inkerman after having difficulty trying to undertake the exercise she wanted to do after having used the track on previous visits to the town. 

Our visitor referred to the “wonderful natural asset Mt Inkerman is for the Burdekin” and commented that “every time I visit Home Hill, it is one place I always visit for a hike as it is a very peaceful place, and the views are stunning”. 

The writer also referred to the amount of work that had been put into the nature trails which was a credit to the local council “with the workers and designers to be commended”. 

However, they pointed out that the only “disappointing thing” is that no one, except the locals, know it’s there. 

“There is no signage for the trails or where to park, except at the lookout carpark at the top of Mt Inkerman or at the start of the original walking trail (but it hasn’t been updated with the newest/alternative starting point)”. 

The writer continued: “The newest nature trail is a more challenging walk, with lots of steps, but it is also very challenging to find. The turn off is approximately 100m on the right from the highway on the lookout road, with an overgrown entrance, making it even harder to find. So much time and effort has gone into building the trail, but unfortunately, someone forgot to put up a sign showing the carpark and the start of the trail. The only marker (pictured) is a piece of timber about a metre high with a small arrow and ‘Mount Inkerman LOOKOUT 1450m’.”

While pointing out that travellers and tourists love to hike and many would stop to enjoy these trails to see the wonderful views of the Burdekin—BUT, “unless they have the All Trails app, or something similar or read this newsletter, it is such a shame that they won’t know it is there”. 

The writer suggested that with a little additional signage, this local attraction could provide so many more locals and tourists with a memorable experience of the Burdekin. 

Maybe our council could take up the advice of our correspondent and do more to promote the site with signage? 

However, with work underway on a turning lane into the road up Mount Inkerman, could it be that Council could be planning upgraded signage in the area once the highway work is completed. The advice could go a long way to encouraging more people to stop.

Mount Inkerman Lookout Path Sign
Mount Inkerman Lookout Path Sign