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Help wanted

School Crossing Supervisor

AMONG the many jobs that are available in the Burdekin is one very important position that involves the safety of the children in the town as they head to school each day—a school crossing supervisor or better known as a “Lollipop Lady (or man)”. 

A local vacancy was advertised late last year and obviously there were no takers as it is again being advertised in this issue of The Home Hill News by the State Department of Transport. 

The position does not involve a lot of hours, but it is an important one for the ongoing safety of local school children. 

Anyone who has a few hours to spare on a daily basis should look for the advertisement on page 6 of this issue and give due consideration to whether they would be able to help the department out—as well as earning a little bit of extra pocket money to help pay the bills as costs continue to rise.