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New Grants for the Town showing Promising Future

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HOME HILL may not have had much interest shown in it in recent years from all levels of government as any possible development has bypassed our town—unless it has come through private organisations. 

However, that has all changed significantly in recent weeks with the bonus announcements of grants being awarded to local clubs and organisations to upgrade their facilities for the benefit of their members.

And some of that grant funding has actually come from at least one level of government. 

To have almost half a million dollars worth of work coming to the town is a huge boost, considering we have had little to show off apart from grants that have been obtained by other local organisations. 

We have been told that the effort that has to go into applying for grants of any type is “huge” with comments like “it is unbelievable some of the questions that are asked about the grants and those applying for them”.

Apparently, the more grants that are applied for, the more chance there is for clubs to be successful as “experience counts” from previous efforts.

We have been told there are enormous amounts of grant money on offer for anyone looking to upgrade facilities—hopefully more Home Hill organisations will be able report on success in the future.