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Let’s take Pride in our Town

Prawn Shells Dumped by Home Hill State School

WHY is it that some people cannot take pride in their own community and the way it presents itself to locals and visitors alike? 

The question arose when the pictured pile of prawn shells were found during a morning walk around the town recently. 

Someone (better known as a “grub”) obviously had a big night on the prawns and when they had finished, they found it easier to dump the remains in a heap under the trees in the vicinity of the Home Hill State Primary School’s Pre-School buildings (of all places). 

The discovery came only days before the children were due back from the school holidays and it was reported to the Council in the hope that it was removed before the school population got a whiff of it. 

Unfortunately, before the council workers had a chance to act, a second heap of used shells was dumped in the same area (we surmise it was the same culprits on the second occasion as it was close to the first offence). 

As a result, the council workers who knew of only one dumping, removed the second heap (which was out from under the trees) while the first heap, which was further under the trees, remains hidden in the same spot to this day. 

Luckily, the flies and smell had disappeared before the children were back at school, but it was a low act on the culprits’ behalf to dump their scraps in that area in the first place. 

How hard would it have been to take the prawn shells to the nearest refuse tip where it would not have had an effect on anyone, least of all our younger generation of school children.