Social and Networking Event May 2023

Ross Romeo - CORES Ross Romeo - CORES

Ross Romeo will be our guest speaker at our May 2023 event.

Ross’s contribution to suicide prevention in the Queensland community has been immense! He has helped deliver the training across the state and continues to co-ordinate all the staff and volunteers.

Ross started working with CORES fifteen years ago, after attending the suicide intervention one day training in 2008.

“We lost one of our closest friends to suicide in 2005. I found the training was very practical giving real strategies that everyone could follow not just words all coming from a personal/ community angle. I want to share this information with as much of the community as possible.”

Ross loves spending time with his family and is an asset to the Burdekin community and beyond.

Some advice from Ross:

“Listen to those around you who will spot the changes before you do. Accept that what you’re going through happens for most people at some point in their lives. Talk to someone about it, this will help. Accept the help available including doing things you love to do. Learn to trust yourself again. Remember things will change.”

How lucky are we to have Ross.

For some information about Cores Queensland you can view the following video:

The Home Hill Chamber of Commerce Social and Networking Events are held at 5:30 pm on the third Wednesday of each month at the Home Hill Community Sports Club, 87 Ninth Avenue, Home Hill, Qld 4806.

Please show an interest in the town and have your say on what should be done to take Home Hill forward in a positive way.

Drinks can be purchased from the bar.

Your RSVP to will be appreciated, but you are welcome to just turn up on the day at 5.30pm on Wednesday 17 May 2023.


Home Hill Community Sports Club - Home Hill Community Sports Club 87 Ninth Avenue, Home Hill, Queensland 4806 Australia