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A Sigh of Relief from the Locals

SIGHS of relief echoed through Groper Creek when flood water levels failed to reach originally predicted heights last month. 

Thoughts were with our Burdekin neighbours in Giru, who had two major flood clean-ups after rain fell in the Haughton River catchment. 

Groper Creek residents were advised to be prepared and the unusual May weather system was monitored via the Burdekin Shire Council’s Disaster Dashboard. 

At the time, the Groper Creek Caravan Park had 38 caravanners, who were told to be prepared to leave if the height at Inkerman Bridge went above the minor 7m flood level. 

A meeting of park visitors was called, and some decided to head into town for a few days to see what eventuated, whilst others packed up ready for a hasty retreat if modelling had waters coming over the reserve. Some were concerned as there were rumours that the Comfort Stop had closed due to Covid, however, that was never the case, according to the Council. 

As the rain clouds settled, we received the good news that the water coming over the Burdekin Dam wall upstream and all other points below was not going to affect Groper Creek residents. 

Inkerman Bridge steadied at 5.58m on May 15, with 2.44m over the Burdekin Dam spillway and all began to thankfully drop. 

The flow was enough to flush out some nice mud crabs and barramundi, with many tourists utilising their rainy downtime to support local pubs and businesses and get their fishing tackle ready for the sunny skies ahead.