Cash Must be Preserved

Some day, some bureaucrat in some office will declare that you and I have too much and that the Government needs to control it.

Cash could be restricted as a means of control.

Cash is your money, your freedom, not created by a bank in a bank loan.

On any given day electronic banking could crash due to power failure for a length of unknown time, no cash, now what?

Great Home Hill Cleanup

I MENTIONED in my last article about the latest Home Hill tourist attraction, the very filthy Council footpaths in Eighth Avenue.

I am happy to see that the cleaning of this footpath was done so quickly — there is hope for Home Hill.

Congratulations to Council and the work force, who actually did the job — and I don’t say this lightly —Thanks!

What makes the Burdekin Tick?

DO YOU want to hear what makes Home Hill and the Burdekin tick?

Come and listen to some great speakers at the Home Hill Chamber of Commerce get-togethers held once a month on the third Wednesday at 5.30pm at the Home Hill Community Sports Club.

The Chamber hosts a variety of speakers referencing the Burdekin in general and up-to-date Council news as told by councillors.

Lights to illuminate the tree canopy in Lloyd Mann Gardens

YOU might have seen white marking out pegs throughout Lloyd Mann Gardens.

The Council is installing lights to illuminate the tree canopy.

This is a great upgrade to the park, making a great visual impact to our town.

I also believe Council is going to place new naming signs in the park and also in Memorial Park; while a new shelter is also planned for the skate park/basketball court as well.

Are you on the finished Gateway to Home Hill?

WHILE in the Lloyd Mann Gardens park, have a look at the finished “Gateway to Home Hill”.

You might see yourself or a family member.

It took 15 months from start to finish and the finished installation is everything I hoped for.

I must thank RADF Queensland, the Burdekin Shire Council and the Home Hill Harvest Festival Committee for their contributions as this project would not have got off the ground without their help.