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Is your Home Flood-safe?

Groper Creek Floods

LESSONS in how homeowners could be better prepared for floods could be learnt from Groper Creek, where our iconic “houses on stilts” are built up high for a reason. 

Data released by the Climate Council just prior to the Federal Election stated 99.07 per cent of Groper Creek properties are at risk of becoming uninsurable by 2030. The question has been raised that why should localities like Groper Creek be penalised when the homes are clearly built to withstand flooding? 

Perhaps there will be a return to the old-fashioned high-set Queenslander home, particularly in populated low-lying city areas where low-set homes have become the norm and creating flood insurance issues for others? 

Let’s see what the new Government does with regards to lowering insurance costs and providing more funding for disaster resilience to combat climate change.