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Chappies Benefit from Hilda’s Cosy Bed Socks

Mrs Hilda Frew with her table of bed socks in front of the Home Hill Newsagency, where they sold like hot cakes after being promoted on Facebook and (inset) Hilda proudly shows off the Certificate presented to her by the Scripture Union Queens- land in recognition of her ongoing support for the Burdekin Chaplains.

LONG-TIME Home Hill resident, Hilda Frew (89) is constantly knitting—so much so that her latest efforts have resulted in another $200 being donated to the Burdekin School Chaplains Hilda is well known for her support for the ‘Chappies”, regularly assisting another local resident, Margaret Taylor with their street stalls in front of the Home Hill Newsagency. 

However, recently she has been selling her “cosy bed socks”, which she has been knitting over a long period—initially without a lot of sales success. 

She was joined by Jane Becker as they attempted to sell the bed socks in Ayr, but they only sold two pairs—and they were to Home Hill residents. 

However, their selling success changed with the use of social media, as an entry on Facebook resulted in Hilda selling out her complete stock of 40 pairs of socks at one stall in front of the Home Hill Newsagency recently. 

Hilda said she always knitted the socks with two strains of wool, which meant they were really strong and she was quite proud of the fact that she had been able to sell all her socks so quickly.

She was not looking for praise for her efforts—her only reason for publicising the result was so she could pass on her thanks to the Home Hill Newsagency for their support and to all those people who had purchased her socks.

The School Chaplains have not forgotten her support as well, as they presented her with a Certificate for her donation—her third in three years—not just on this occasion but throughout the past, as her ongoing support ensures the Chaplains are available to help the school students in the Burdekin. 

Table of bed socks by Mrs Hilda Frew
Table of bed socks by Mrs Hilda Frew