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Tennis Association to host Dual July Events

THE Home Hill Tennis Association will be recording a new first in July, as it hosts a North Queensland Games event as well as a Tennis Seniors Queensland Tournament. 

The Tennis Seniors Tournament, with About Town Bait and Tackle as the major sponsors, is the third of a series of Senior’s events that are being held in the north, with the second following in June in Cairns and Home Hill will be hosting the final one.

Events are played in 30+, 45+, 60+ and 70+ in singles, doubles and mixed doubles and with the competition being a round robin event, everyone is guaranteed a lot of tennis. 

Doubles will be held on Saturday morning, with the singles on Saturday afternoon and mixed doubles on Sunday morning. 

Tennis Seniors Queensland aims to create a friendly and sociable atmosphere for any player who is aged 30 or over through the pro- motion and encouragement of seniors 30+ tennis tournaments. 

Home Hill Tennis has been in close contact with Gail Bates from Tennis Seniors Queensland, with her husband, Max Bates being a six-time champion of the Home Hill Open, winning in 1973, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1978 and 1982. 

The Home Hill Association is looking forward to welcoming a large contingent of seniors to their fun and friendly event, where the weather is “beautiful one day and perfect the next” and July winters are the best. 

The North Queensland Games is running concurrently with the Seniors Tournament and is open to all ages, including seniors. 

The fun, round robin event is also played in sessions and begins on Saturday lunch time with doubles and mixed doubles in the evening. 

Those keen on singles will play on Sunday morning and all players will receive a North Queensland Games pack, valued at over $20, as part of their entry fee. 

One event costs $30, two events are $40 and three events are $50. 

Winners will be in the running to win a gold, silver or bronze NQ games medal. 

More information is available by emailing Kate Casswell at home- hilltennis@gmail.com or PM Home Hill Tennis Association Facebook page. 

It is anticipated that many local players will make the most of this special opportunity.

Entries are online https:// tournaments.tennis.com.au/ tournament/d7420605-d5c9-45e0- b03c-8e68843eff9b and the 

Seniors Tournament Link is – https:// tournaments.tennis.com.au/ tournament/9ff15bfa-1265-4536-956d -0618cefcac1c