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Home Hill’s Unemployed

UNEMPLOYMENT seems to be a major problem right around Australia—not because of the lack of jobs, but because there does not seem to be enough people to fill the many positions available, even in a small community like Home Hill. 

It is unusual to see farms and businesses with signs publicly seeking people to fill positions from labourers through to the best of tradies or even professionals, as pointed out by Member for Burdekin, Dale Last in his comments in this issue, without success. 

Many years ago, students were keen to find a position they could fill after they finish their daily studies, to earn some extra cash, instead of depending on Mum and Dad. 

However, we are told that there are students who are willing to work—but it has to be on their terms, such as parties and sport taking preference for their time over the boss’s need when the business is busy. 

It is hard for a business to operate on those terms and it means that some operators will be looking at reducing their opening times if they cannot get staff fast. 

As can be seen from our lead story, there are people wishing to open businesses in Home Hill, but there is little chance of that happening if they cannot employ the staff they need to keep the business moving forward. 

If there are people looking for jobs in Home Hill to earn more cash to help the family’s finances, ask questions around town about what is available, but don’t expect to be successful if they cannot work to the times the business needs their input.