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THE Home Hill News will transition to a primarily digital publication by the end of this year

READERS of The Home Hill News are being reminded to register their email address on the Home Hill Chamber of Commerce web site so that they can continue to receive the publication after the printing of hard copies is phased out towards the end of this year. 

The Home Hill News will transition to a primarily digital publication by the end of this year, with limited numbers of printed copies available from February 2023. 

In readiness for the change, readers who currently look forward to a printed copy of their favourite local publication at the beginning of each month have been encouraged to provide their email address to the Home Hill Chamber of Commerce, thus ensuring they are added to the electronic distribution list to have Home Hill News sent directly to their inbox each month. 

Chamber President David Jackson said hundreds of readers were already receiving an electronic version of Home Hill News to read online or to print their own hard copy. 

The Home Hill News will also be available for readers to access through the Chamber’s website, from where it is already available. 

“For those who do not have a computer, the Chamber will be arranging for some hard copies to be printed each month at a minimal price of about one dollar per copy – but it will have to be ordered and paid for in advance,” the Chamber President said. “This will come into effect from February 2023. 

“In the meantime, the number of printed copies of Home Hill News available each month will gradually reduce as our digital subscriptions increase.” 

Mr Jackson said the Home Hill Chamber was extremely grateful for the excellent support received from Wilmar Sugar for more than four years and has expressed its gratitude to the company for their ongoing sponsorship, which helped set the publication on its way to being the main source of local news for the Home Hill community and wider afield. 

Wilmar management had offered their sup- port with the printing of the newsletter in full colour after an original printing source was lost and it had been ongoing since that time. 

“The Home Hill News started with just two pages and it has risen to 10 and 12 pages at times – and in that time, the printing has continued monthly with the excellent support of the management and administration staff of Inkerman Mill,” he said. 

“With printing costs increasing significantly, we knew the sponsor- ship would not be able to continue forever.” Mr Jackson said the Chamber was extremely grateful to Wilmar Inkerman Mill for the excellent support they had provided over many years, as their staff devoted many hours of their work time each month to the printing of the publication. 

To be added to the Home Hill News electronic distribution list, readers of the Home Hill News should register at: