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Changes to HHCC Monthly Networking Meetings encouraging All to attend!

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WHAT does the Home Hill Chamber of Commerce have to do to encourage its members, new and old, to attend the monthly networking meetings held at the Home Hill Community Sports Club? 

The Chamber has changed the format of their meetings this year, to create more interest amongst members, by leaving all business decisions and debates to their management committee and introducing guest speakers on a variety of subjects. 

The September meeting had two local speakers who detailed the work of their own organisations, Home Hill Rotary Club President, Roxanne Roberts who spoke of her ambitions with the club and of her working relationship with the students of the Home Hill High School. 

She was followed by Pastor Gavin Henderson, of the Burdekin Presbyterian Churches, who spoke of the history and ongoing work of the Meals on Wheels organisation in a changing world. 

They were two very interesting speakers—but the attendance did not reach double figures, including the speakers themselves. 

At most, the meetings take an hour and a half of members’ time, but the interest is not there. 

Maybe the members could contact the chamber through their web site and provide their views on our initial query—what should be done to encourage their attendance? Do meeting times need to change?

Although a number of different members could provide a time that suits them, and they could all vary. 

The Chamber is working in the interests of the town and its community, and the management committee is hopeful of more interest being shown in future meetings.