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Don’t Miss Out!! Art Exhibits on Display at Lloyd Mann Park!!

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MOST people in our community drive past Lloyd Mann Park in Eighth Avenue on a regular basis each week—but how many have taken the time to stop off to inspect the various exhibits on display as part of the Harvest Festival’s Canefields Ephemera. 

The display was opened in mid-September and the range of ideas that have been brought out by the entrants of all ages are thought-provoking — Just like Lou Jezard’s “Mushrooms” made from various palm fronds or “Recycling at its Best” which depicts old metal being fed through a mincer and the clean result coming out.

And readers should not miss “The Honey Hive” exhibited by the Burdekin Art Society’s children’s classes with member Barb Shand. 

You may be sorry if you miss the opportunity in the time left.