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Perfect Start to the Home Hill Harvest Festival’s Functions

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WHAT a great start to the Home Hill Harvest Festival’s many functions, following the opening of the 2022 Ephemera held on Sunday, September 11.

A lot of work has gone into the preparations to make this a successful event and I don’t think anyone was disappointed.

Three very happy winners walked away with their prizes in the competition. 

Congratulations to you all, as I know a lot of work has gone into creating your art works. 

However, the biggest prize went to the public and the many visitors who attended the opening. 

I have noticed over the weeks that many people, both local and the travelling public, have stopped to have a look at the ten art installations. 

The conclusion is that people want to look and be entertained, and this is where a Gallery/Museum would help and be a drawcard for the tourist in Home Hill.