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Time to Deck the Halls

Home Hill Christmas Lights 2021

IT IS that time of the year when we should be starting to think about how the town will look over the Christmas period. 

For many years, the Home Hill Chamber of Commerce has hosted the annual Residential Christmas Decoration Awards and there is always a good representation of residences across the community with a range of Christmas decorations throughout their homes and gardens. 

With the annual Neighbourhood award being resurrected last year after the perpetual trophy was found, it means that the judges will again be looking for winning homes in the residential homes section and for a combination of homes in the neighbourhood section—at least six homes in the one block on one or both sides of the street. 

Areas of Fourteenth Avenue have always had a mortgage on the neighbourhood award but it would be great to see residents in other parts of the town getting together to show that they are just as good at combining their displays. 

Then there is the aim of calling Home Hill “Tinsel Town” if there is an excellent combination of homes with tinsel displayed. 

There was a great display in a first effort last year with some even adding tinsel to fences and street signs. Hopefully, the town can improve substantially on that first effort?