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Exceptional Efforts by the Community’s Christmas Spirit!

Representatives of the Linton Bailey Chappell and Davidson families in Fourteenth Avenue

RESIDENTS of the Home Hill community have again excelled with their displays of Christmas cheer throughout December, with judges of the Chamber of Commerce Residential Christmas Decoration awards handed a difficult task in finding winners of the trophies on offer. 

While there are no major prizes on offer with the trophies, the chance to show off a homeowner’s decorating ability is incentive enough for the many colourful displays of lighting that are presented. 

It is also noticeable that each year, the position of the exceptional entries seems to move around different areas of the town, as some drop out and other homes spring into life— one of the homes in the Inkerman Mill Estate being an example with a display that impressed judges. 

The Neighbourhood Award has also moved along Fourteenth Avenue—last year it changed from the central part to the southern end and this year, it was awarded to several homes north from Twelfth Street that were deemed to be worthy winners even though they did not have any neighbours over the road because of the Primary School playing fields. 

Again, we have to urge residents of other neighbourhoods around the town to highlight their decorating skills next year to see if the award can be moved away from Fourteenth Avenue, where it has been permanently placed for many years. 

Only time will tell if any other homeowners can get a win… 

Michelle and Noel Bathis won the Home Hill Residential Christmas Decoration Award
Michelle and Noel Bathis won the Home Hill Residential Christmas Decoration Award