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Welcome to a New Year

WELCOME to a new year in the Burdekin and a healthy one—because a happy one reflects a healthy one and as you get older, your health is everything.

As I look back over the past year, I think ‘what have I achieved both on a personal and community basis?’ 

Just about ticked all my personal boxes and the community one is a hard slog . . . so many roadblocks and it does not make it any easier when I’m a realist and do not believe in sugar coating everything. 

But I have the best interest at heart for our community and strive for a fair go for everyone, even when we, the ratepayer, gets slugged for an additional unsolicited $30 in our last rates. 

I am also led to believe that this $30 fee was not instigated by the Councillors. 

The instigator should get a life and try to live on an ordinary every-day wage. It is not that the Council is running out of funds, anyway, not going by the last printed budget report.