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Celebrations for 40 years of the Burdekin Theatre & the upcoming Burdekin Sweet Days, Hot Nights Festivities!

Burdekin Theatre Entrance

CELEBRATIONS were held in Ayr recently to recognise the fortieth anniversary of the construction of the Burdekin Theatre in Ayr and the forthcoming Burdekin Sweet Days, Hot Nights Festivities, which are being held entirely in Home Hill in May. 

In inviting the public to the Theatre celebration in February, the council urged people to “Join us for a special open day event like no other” for the 40-year anniversary of the theatre since its opening in November, 1982. 

However, there was no mention whatsoever of the re-development of the Burdekin Memorial Hall complex, which was part of the same cultural project in both towns. 

The Memorial Hall and School of Arts in Home Hill, which was originally built by the Home Hill community as a War Memorial, was “Re- opened” ahead of the Theatre in September, 1982 (as can be seen in our photos of the plaques recognising the occasion). 

At that time, the Council of the day had separate official opening events for each project—could it be that the current council is planning an event in Home Hill in the near future to recognise the other side of the cultural project? We are not holding our breath waiting to find out. 

Then there are the plans for a celebration to launch the Sweet Days Hot Nights Festival, with the Council issuing invitations to “network with sponsors, volunteers and event organisers” to express appreciation to them. 

With the event to be held entirely in Home Hill, why wouldn’t the council take the opportunity to support businesses on the south side of the river by holding it at one of the many venues available in Home Hill and use the town’s caterers and suppliers for once. 

It seems to be increasingly apparent that the council has a policy of hosting events in Ayr only, without giving other parts of the Shire an opportunity to become involved. 

Burdekin Memorial Hall Plaque in Home Hill
Burdekin Memorial Hall Plaque in Home Hill re-opened by Sir James Ramsay on 6 September 1982
Burdekin School of Arts Plaque Home Hill 31 December 1927
Burdekin School of Arts Plaque Home Hill 31 December 1927