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Let’s make our Town even more Welcoming

Welcome to Home Hill Sign

OUR photo shows the sign that welcomes visitors from the south into Home Hill—but is it as welcoming as it is expected to be with the heavy grass growth that accompanied it (when our photo was taken) as those motorists head into our town? 

That grass growth is to be expected with the constant rain that we have received over the past month but surely our community should expect something better than we are receiving for our rates and taxes from the Council or the Main Roads Department? 

That section of highway should be under the direction of the Main Roads Department or is it the council that undertakes the mowing contract on behalf of the department?

Whoever it is, it would be more welcoming if our visitors could be left with a feeling of being wanted and encouraged to stop over and enjoy what we have to offer. 

There are a number of major events coming up in the near future including the Burdekin Growers Race Day at the adjacent Home Hill Race Track and it would be wonderful to see all our expected visitors made to feel “WELCOME” when they see that sign on their way into the town. 

Those events are several weeks away yet and we would hope we don’t have to wait until then to see something done about it. In fact, we should see a mower in action at least a couple of times between now and the Burdekin Growers Race Day on Saturday, May 20.