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Popular Prawn Stop returns to Home Hill CBD 

Frances, Melissa and Alan Wiles from The Prawn Stop in Home Hill

A POPULAR Prawn Shop that was previously situated adjacent to the Home Hill BP Service Station, has returned to the town—in the same area but in premises across the road. 

Members of the Wiles Family had previously operated the seafood business until the premises they were in was sold, resulting in them having to close down. 

Owner of the new Prawn Shop at 35 Eighth Avenue (the former Old Bakery and a Fish and Chip business), Melissa Wiles said many people had enquired as to where “the prawn man” had gone and there seemed to be a lot of interest in the business re-opening. 

She had discussed it with her father, Alan Wiles and decided that if he could help with buying the products and assist with setting up the new business, she would get the Prawn Shop started again—with help in the shop also from her mother, Frances, her partner, Billy Poyner and her children. 

With all the family on board, Melissa Wiles went looking for a suitable premises and was successful in finding the Old Bakery premises and former fish and chip shop. 

“We love it here,” she said. “It has a great shop frontage, it is spacious, and it is easy for cars, caravans and trucks to pull up to park in the vicinity.” 

Ms Wiles said the newly re-opened business had started with prawns in their freezers but as they go along, they would have fish, bugs and squid available. 

They are also planning to have watermelon and lychees in stock to go with the local Home Hill Honey that is already available to customers. 

The Prawn Shop is open seven days per week, at varying times each day — check out the opening times each day below. 

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday: 8am to 5pm
  • Saturday and SUnday 8am to 1pm
The Prawn Shop Home Hill
The Prawn Shop Home Hill