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Bowls Extravaganza

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HOME HILL’s busy month of May now has an even bigger calendar of events, with the Home Hill Community Sports Club Inc. adding a Bowls Extravaganza to its program ahead of the Sweet Days Hot Nights Festival at the former Home Hill Showgrounds.

Members of the Sports Club have issued an invitation to local residents to “Come along for a friendly fun time trying your hand at the ever-popular Home Hill Sweet Days Hot Nights Bowls Extravaganza”.

The Extravaganza will take place in two sessions on their bowling green at 87 Ninth Avenue on Sunday, May 28, 2023 – an Afternoon Session commencing at 1pm and an Evening Session at 6.30pm – with the two separated by a Sausage Sizzle from 5.30pm.

The Bowls Extravaganza has been described as “a fun event for the whole family – or get together a group of work mates”. Participants can enter their own team “which is great” or the Sports Club will fit prospective bowlers in with other entrants to make up a team.

“Bring your own bowls, otherwise the club has bowls you are able to borrow,” a club spokesperson said.

“For anyone who needs a little tuition, there is sure to be a club member available to help.” 

The afternoon session will start at 1pm or join everyone else for a chat and the sausage sizzle at 5.30pm. A Licensed Bar is available.