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Chamber gives away Cowboys Memorabilia

Cowboys Memorabilia Give Away

THE Home Hill Chamber of Commerce has provided the opportunity for young supporters of the North Queensland Cowboys to build up their supply of promotional items, after they handed out gear that the North Queensland Cowboys had donated to the Chamber.

The Chamber hosted a morning of Cowboys giveaways at the Home Hill Comfort Stop on Saturday, May 6, after the Cowboys sent the gear to the Chamber after children in the town missed out on participating in other activities the Cowboys were conducting in towns throughout the north.

While the Chamber promoted the morning to take place from 8am to 11am with the give aways at 10am, many young families arrived early to take part, because they were also involved in other activities around the district.

Those who were able to stay were on hand to take their share of the Cowboys products, which included two different types of Cowboys carry bags, Cowboys caps, lanyards and frisbees. 

The Chamber’s intention to raffle a football signed by the Cowboys team was altered, so that all those present were given a free ticket in the football giveaway. That proved popular as the Antoniazzi Family took the prize.

Chamber President, David Jackson said he was pleased with the response they received from the young supporters of the Cowboys and their families, although it was disappointing that some had to leave the Comfort Stop early to attend other appointments. He also thanked the North Queensland Cowboys.