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Fun Facts of Home Hill!

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IF you are a new resident of Home Hill, here are some historical facts that you should or would like to know about the town you now call home. 

Home Hill was named and surveyed in 1911 by R. A. Souter and Alfred Marshall. 

It was originally known as Inkerman, after Inkerman Station, a near-by cattle property south of Home Hill. 

The streets in Home Hill, in the beginning when surveyed, were named from the Crimean War between the British Empire and Russia. 

Avenues were named after some of Queensland Politians and the King and Queen at that time. 

Interestingly enough the map of Home Hill in 1911 showed the streets names and here is a small example, Balaclava Street (a battle and place—now Fourth Street.

The Avenues names were Fisher (now Third Avenue named after Honourable Andrew Fisher, a Queensland Politician and Mary and George (King George V and Queen Mary his wife) each had an Avenue named after them Ninth and Eleventh Avenue respectively. 

The original 1911 map was very different to what Home Hill looks like today. 

The explorer, Dr Ludwig Leichhardt named the Burdekin River after Mrs Mary Burdekin, widow of Thomas Burdekin, businessman of Macquarie Street, Sydney.

Thanks to Glenis Cislowski for the above historical information. 

A special thanks to John Payne for his positive contribution throughout the year.