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What Would You Rather?

Bats in Tree

WHAT is the lesser of two evils?— removing the bats in the trees around Home Hill or putting up with them because the noise of the firing of guns and pyrotechnics scares many pets witless? 

Unfortunately, it is not a question that many people have an answer for, apart from doing everything they can to settle their pets down— because the last thing our town needs is the problems towns like Charters Towers have had with the constant problem of bats living in trees in local parks, making the facilities unusable.

We were unaware of the Council’s plans to take action to disperse the bats when we published the May edition of The Home Hill News, which meant we were unable to warn our readers. 

However, the Chamber was advised by the mayor ahead of the dispersal activities which took place from mid-May. 

(The Council did have a capable Communications Officer who kept us informed of Council actions, but since he left, they have not been able to fill the position.) 

There may have been many surprised early-morning walkers who heard pyrotechnics that made it sound like they were in a war zone, while many pets refused to go for their morning ritual. 

If the dispersal efforts have been successful, then the town will be better off for it. And for pet owners, there is a pet item called a “Thunder Blanket” that is designed to help reduce the stress on animals when they hear the sound of thunder or guns or the like.