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Budget Infrastructure Projects

Burdekin Shire Council Budget 2023-24

A TOTAL of $38.3 million has been allocated by the Burdekin Shire Council to improve roads and drainage, water and wastewater networks and other infrastructure improvements as part of its 2023/24 Budget.

Mayor Lyn McLaughlin said council will be largely investing in roads and drainage infrastructure around the shire with the $38.3 million investment dedicated to a range of projects.

The Budget includes these infrastructure projects:

Water Projects:

• $460,000 for expansion of the Ayr Industrial Estate water supply infrastructure

• $350,000 to complete the Mount Kelly water main renewal

• First year of a $200,000 per annum fire hydrant replacement and renewal program 

• $120,000 to complete the water supply disinfection dosing equipment upgrades

Wastewater Projects:

• Close to $7 million to complete the Macro Algal Sewage

Treatment Facility at the Ayr/Brandon Sewage Treatment Plant

• $800,000 for expansion of the Ayr Industrial Estate sewerage infrastructure

• $250,000 to a refurbish Trickle Filter at the Ayr/Brandon Sewage Treatment Plant

• $120,000 to replace two Sewage Pump Station switchboards at the Ayr Industrial Estate

Roads/Drainage Construction Projects:

• $950,000 for the Jerona Causeway reconstruction (subject to NDRA funding being approved)

• $880,000 for the Barratta Road reconstruction

• $870,000 for roadworks construction at the Ayr Industrial Estate

• $630,000 for drainage expansion at the Ayr Industrial Estate

Road Design Projects:

• $80,000 towards the Upper Haughton Road design

• $60,000 for the heavy vehicle bypass reconstruction

• $45,000 for the reconstruction of Colevale Road

• $30,000 for the reconstruction of Toll Road.

Design and Construct Projects:

• $550,000 for the new roundabout at Soper and Graham Street intersection

• $200,000 for the reconstruction of sections of kerb and damaged road at the existing Ayr Industrial Estate.