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More Services, Please

HOME HILL is lacking in a lot of essential services, which results in people having to travel to Ayr to meet their needs. 

Areas such as Magistrates Court services, which we lost when the Court House was closed down and the ability to cash in cans, which was a government promise to all towns, plus many more services. 

However, how many in our community would have considered we could be without a service station for some time, as the town is at present? 

In our last edition, Chamber Vice-President, Uli Liessmann reported that the proposed United Service Station (previously BP) says they will open “eventually”, while the other proposed facility planned for the corner of Sixth Street and Eighth Avenue has Council approval and we understand quotes are being obtained from local businesses—but how far away is it? 

There is certainly no incentive to buy electric cars in this region, apart from our large distances between towns, because the lack of charging points would make it difficult to keep the new models on the road.Who would go electric when they have to go out of town to “fill up”.