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Support sought for Local CT Scanner

Burdekin Community Advisory Network Chair Cr Kaylee Boccalatte and Dale Last

RESIDENTS of the Burdekin are being urged to show their support for a parliamentary petition, sponsored by Member for Burdekin, Dale Last MP, calling for a CT Scanner to be installed at the Ayr Hospital. 

One of the few Level 3 hospitals without a CT Scanner, the Ayr Hospital is currently transferring up to 15 patients per week to Townsville University Hospital for the lifesaving scans after hours.

Mr Last said several attempts had been made to secure funding for this essential equipment.

“To date, we have been unsuccessful, but I know that people power can change that,” he said. 

“The lack of a CT Scanner at the Ayr Hospital definitely adds to the stress of a medical emergency and it’s quite possible that delays could result in patients not achieving the best outcomes or even cost lives”.

“There are instances where patients have waited five hours and, frankly, that’s not good enough in Queensland in 2023″, Mr Last said.

In addition to the support of the 17,000 Burdekin residents, Mr Last also called on Townsville residents to support the petition.

“The benefits of a CT Scanner at the Ayr Hospital are obvious for people in the Burdekin, but there is also a huge benefit for patients and staff at Townsville University Hospital (TUH)”, he said.

“By taking up to 15 patients a week out of the queue for CT Scans at TUH, we can reduce the load on staff at that hospital and ensure a better experience for TUH patients”.

“Installing this equipment in Ayr really is a win-win for everyone. In terms of a health budget, the funding required is minimal and, in addition to better health outcomes, there are better financial outcomes from a staffing point of view”.

Mr Last said by allowing patients to have CT scans 24 hours a day in Ayr, it reduced the workload for paramedics who already serviced a huge area and it meant nursing staff could spend time in the Ayr hospital with patients, rather than in the back of an Ambulance.

“The biggest benefits, of course, are for patients and their families and surely that in itself justifies the expense”, he said.

The petition is available on-line via Mr Last’s Facebook page and paper copies are available to sign at businesses throughout the Burdekin district.