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Hope for more Home Hill Grants

HOME HILL seems to be missing out badly when it comes to grants to locally based organisations. 

The Burdekin Race Club is moving along at a positive rate thanks to the efforts of a small but energetic committee who have been able to build up a good bank account through their voluntary efforts.

As a result, they are seeking grants which would allow them to finish their grandstand to allow for rooms on top and a cover over the public seating section. 

However, when Racing Queensland handed out their grants, it is believed the club’s voluntary efforts in making positive moves forward have not been rewarded with the grants the club needs to undertake the grandstand upgrade.

Then there is the $56 million offered in this year’s Queensland state budget to “provide new and upgraded PCYC facilities across Queensland”. 

Unfortunately, Home Hill does not have any PCYC facilities and there are certainly no benefits for Home Hill Youth in what the budget described as “back to basics programs in areas of high need”. 

There are PCYC facilities in Ayr, but there doesn’t seem to be any efforts through that organisation to try to include the youth of the Home Hill community in their activities. 

Young people in our community cannot just get on a bike to ride to the PCYC and in most case, parents are not in a position to take them over to Ayr to participate on a regular basis. 

Could it be that the PCYC may look at using some of the budgeted funds to help to transport the youth of Home Hill to Ayr to join in the programs “like after-dark basketball and boxing” as was named in the budget. 

Like the Race Club, the Home Hill community will have to sit and wait to see if they may be included in the PCYC activities.