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Bringing the Shire together?

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WHAT chance is there for the word “Burdekin” to be seen as bringing the Shire together when there seems to be people and organisations in the district who seem to be hell bent on causing friction between different parts of the community?

There has always been parochialism existing between opposite sides of the river but in some ways, that has been a good thing, especially on the sporting field.

However, when changes are made that create animosity instead of that parochialism, then it does not help in bringing the “Burdekin” together.

Our attention was drawn recently to a move to change the name of the Ayr Chamber of Commerce to Burdekin Chamber, when a “Chamber of Commerce” already exists in Home Hill — even if the change leaves out the words “of Commerce”.

The Home Hill Chamber is giving thought to making a change of name as well, but their aim is to reference the work it does in the town as a whole.

Changes have occurred in the past for the better, in areas such as the move by former Ayr Shire Councillor, Ian Macdonald to change the Shire to “Burdekin”, which brought in all the community outside of the Ayr township.

“Burdekin” has also been included in sporting competitions, such as racing, netball and cricket, where competition is played on one side of the river.

But why would a name be changed when a similar organisation already exists, unless it was to be seen as a takeover bid or to cause friction?

The change did upset some people on the south side of the river, including members of the Home Hill Chamber of Commerce, which lodged an objection with the Ayr organisation, obviously with no positive result.

Despite the move from Ayr, the Home Hill Chamber will continue to work for the local community with the continued support of the Business community and the town as a whole.