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St Colman’s School opens to the Public

St Colmans School opens to Public

THE public will be welcomed to St Colman’s School in Home Hill on Thursday, June 9, as the school sets out to show-case everything that makes it shine at its 2022 Open Day. 

The special day will offer the opportunity for both prospective parents and students to experience the small-school difference St Colman’s prides itself on. 

Principal, Mrs Karen Keys said it was this “small-school difference” which set the school apart. “St Colman’s is a community school, in that every student feels like part of the family and is connected,” she said. 

“The care and attention to detail in our teaching enables every child to excel, with our teachers constantly striving to offer a modern and comprehensive education.

“Students are taught by specialist teachers in the areas of Music, Sport, Technology and Italian to ensure they are receiving the highest quality education. Technology remains at the forefront of their schooling, with at least one laptop or tablet available for each student at any time.” 

Mrs Keys said that during the Open Day, visitors would be able to meet one of the 12 new robots, which have recently been purchased by the school and which students will program as a part of Technology classes.

The principal said the combination of a close-knit school community and North Queensland lifestyle made for a perfect sea change. “In 2021, my family decided to sell our drought-ravaged small sheep farm in rural New South Wales and look for our next opportunity,” Mrs Keys said. “I have always had a passion for small rural schools after being Principal of a school in Manilla in New South Wales for a decade and my family love the outdoors and fishing, making the Burdekin a perfect choice.

“In a world with so many challenges and changes, St Coleman’s offers a close-knit community, which enables each child to feel safe, so that they can develop their skills and become a productive member in society.”

“In 2023, we will have enrolment spaces, with classes consisting of Prep, grades 1/2, grades 3/4 and grades 5/6. The school presently has an enrolment of 80 students.” Mrs Keys said they were especially calling for enrolment applications for Prep in 2023, with plenty of time for children to still be a part of their Connecting Prep program. 

“This initiative enables prospective Prep students to join us eight times during Term Four of 2022 to meet their future classmates and teacher to become comfortable with school life.” 

She said the best way to find out more about their school or the many programs offered was to get in contact, visit for a tour, or join them for the Open Day.

“I look forward to meeting prospective parents and students soon,” she said. 

The Open Day will take place from 9.30am to 11am on Thursday, June 9 and will include the opportunity to meet teachers, experience classes and celebrate what sets St Colman’s apart.