Home Hill News

“The Gate Way to Home Hill”

Lloyd Mann Park Gateway to Home Hill

THE Home Hill Harvest Festival is in the process of building and erecting a new large modern installation in Lloyd Mann Garden to complement the other installations already there. 

With help from the Burdekin Shire Council, Burdekin Library, Hydro Pacific, Home Hill Chamber and Sweet FM, this installation will be called “The Gate Way to Home Hill”. 

This a purposely built aluminium structure within the park, dedicated to the past and present. The structure will be covered in vinyl sheeting and will feature old and new photos, including art works for added colour, to be featured in a collage format of Home Hill residents. 

Now with that in mind, we are looking for past and present photos of Home Hill people, who have lived here or still living here. These photos will be copied onto the vinyl sheeting and then affixed to the aluminium structure. 

We hope to make this an iconic photogenic installation, which will tell some of the stories of our past. 

Now the ball is in your court—without your pictures you cannot be included.