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Road Safety Awareness

SERIOUS car accidents in our own area and throughout the state are a growing concern to

the state government and to emergency services as an increasing number of lives are being lost through, in many cases, the negligence of drivers who seem to always be in a hurry to get to their destinations. 

Any trip on roads of any quality on any day reveals just how easy it is for so called “accidents” to happen because of the chances taken by drivers who need to save a second here and a minute there. 

Anyone who has been involved in an accident of any type will be well aware of the consequences when injuries and fatalities occur, with other members of affected families having to live with the results for the rest of their lives. 

How do you save drivers from themselves when they continue to take the chances that are clearly visible on our roads and highways at all hours of every day. 

Many complain that Government action is only “revenue raising” but if drivers are caught breaking the law and the evidence is there, there should be no argument when opening the wallet to pay the fines. 

Who would be a police officer these days when they have to tell a family that they have lost a loved one. 

More installations are coming to catch offenders around the state, while our state government could also ease the pain somewhat by distributing the dollar more evenly to improve the standard of our northern roads compared to what is offered in the south-east of the state, where roads that are being replaced seem to be far better than those we have to put up with in the north!