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Countdown to Email Delivery of the Home Hill News

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CHANGES mooted several months ago for your only printed local news outlet. The Home Hill News will start coming into effect in the last issue in December, 2022, as those readers in our community still requiring a printed copy will be charged $2 per issue.

While this November issue has a changed masthead indicating the new pricing, that is only a warning of what lies ahead, with no charge applying this month. 

It does mean though, that anyone who has the facilities to receive a FREE emailed copy of The Home Hill News every month (except January), should move immediately to register with the Home Hill Chamber of Commerce website.

Some readers have done that already, but there are obviously many who have not done so – and all that is needed is to follow the directions that have been available in the pages of the newsletter in recent months.

From December, The Home Hill News will continue to be available at the new price from Home Hill News & Coffee and from Liessmann & Sons Hardware in Home Hill, while there will also be new outlets in Ayr at Woods News and at Farry’s Lotto Agency.

However, there will only be limited printed copies available at all of those outlets. 

The newsletters will no longer be hand delivered to financial members of the Home Hill Chamber of Commerce each month, but those financial members will be on the registered mailing list to receive a copy of the newsletter each month.

The Home Hill Chamber of Commerce has again expressed its gratitude to the management and administration staff of Wilmar’s Inkerman Sugar Mill at Home Hill, who have devoted a considerable amount of time and sponsorship towards the publication, in full colour, of The Home Hill News for at least five years.

Chamber President, David Jackson said Wilmar Inkerman Mill, through its Communications Manager, Kylie Newman and the admin staff at the mill had co-operated fully with the Home Hill Chamber over the length of time they have undertaken the printing, as the newsletter increased in size from two pages at the start to the current 12 pages of local news available each month.

“The Chamber and its members are extremely grateful for the support we have received for the publication, and I am sure all our readers are also pleased to have that monthly outlet to be kept up to date with what is happening in the community,” he said.

It is expected that the last copies of the newsletter to be printed at Inkerman Mill will be the February issue.

In the future, the Chamber will continue to print limited numbers of the newsletter each issue but there will be times when the printed copies available will only have some colour pages. 

Email pages will continue to be sent out in colour.

The Home Hill News is distributed to readers throughout the Burdekin District as well as around the nation, with many former residents of the town continuing to keep up with what is happening through its pages.