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Home Hill News Changes from this Edition

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HAVE you ensured you will be getting your copy of The Home Hill News each month by registering your email address with the Home Hill Chamber of Commerce?

From this issue, the changes announced several months ago have come into effect—you either received it by email or paid $2 for a hard copy.

The number of printed copies have been reduced and depending on results from sales of this edition, further reductions could take place.

As a result, readers are again urged to ensure they have registered to receive their copy by email.

The November issue signalled what was ahead in a changed masthead that indicated the new pricing. That was only a warning of the changes to come.

It did mean though, that anyone who had the facilities to receive a FREE emailed copy of The Home Hill News every month (except January), should move immediately to register with the Home Hill Chamber of Commerce website.

Some readers have done that already, but there are obviously many who have not done so – and all that is needed is to follow the directions that have been available in the pages of the newsletter in recent months.

The Latest Edition of Home Hill News is now available on the website at

Printed copies of The Home Hill News are now available at the new price of $2 each from:

  • Home Hill News & Coffee
  • Liessmann & Sons Hard-ware in Home Hill
  • Woods News in Ayr
  • Farry’s Lotto Agency
  • Brandon Post Office

There will only be limited printed copies available so make sure you have registered..